Enough of that shit: A new attitude

Ok. Enough about excrement.

I am worried about my next few races. I haven't been training consistently. I am tired a lot. The heat is stifling. I feel lethargic and I sleep as much as possible. This has caused me a lot of anxiety-- "Am I ready? What if I get a flat tire? What if I fall down? What if the streets turn to pudding?" I have decided to re-frame my thinking about my upcoming races. I am doing them simply for pleasure.

  • Blood, Sweat, & Beers 10 mile trail run= FUN in the SUN.
  • Marin Century = Enjoy as many snacks at the rest stops as possible.
  • Folsom Olympic Triathlon = I get to ride on the some of the same course as the Tour of California Riders.
  • Napa Century = Stay an extra day and enjoy some wine tasting.

    and finally,

  • HIT III Half Ironman= My first half ironman and I will do it with a smile the whole time.

It took me a little time to realize that I need to enjoy the training, enjoy the racing otherwise why continue? I started triathlon for two reasons: First, because it seemed that everyone in my life thought it would be a great big joke-- ha ha look at karen try to run, try to swim, try to ride a bike. I wanted them to show them there was no longer anything to laugh at. Second, I wanted to be fit--I wanted that spare tire (muffin top) gone, I wanted buff arms and I wanted my heart strong. But the reason to continue is more elusive. I've decided I need to enjoy my time out there on the bike, enjoy the freezing lake and enjoy the fact that my legs work pretty good and I can run and sprint just like when I was a little girl. I don't need to be fastest (& I won't be) but when I was 5 and running around the block, I didn't care that I was fastest-- I was just happy running.

That is the attitude I will attempt to take with me forward to every event and to every training ride, run, and swim. Really.


  1. Great attitude!




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