TableRunner pics

Tonight we're going out for dinner for my mom's birthday. I made her a's a table runner.

Here's pics. I'm getting all crafts-y in my old age.

I ran 3 miles this morning at 5 a.m. It took me 29:32 to finish. Not too bad. My right hip felt a little weird but I realized that I haven't been doing my PT exercises all week. I'm such a weenie. Back onto those tonight after dinner. Oh, and I am picking up my CIM bib/t-shirt today. I tried to sell it but nobody wants to buy it apparently. Oh well, that's ok.

I will also be riding my bike in auburn on sunday. Auburn hills are notorious for kickin' the crap out of people. My riding buddy, Judy, said she is going to 'kick my little @$$' on sunday. Great. I can't wait. I have to get some hill workouts going if I am going to be ready for the Auburn Half Ironman in May.

In any case--I hope to make it a good weekend of running and riding.

Hope yours is good too!


  1. very pretty!! and congrats on your run!

  2. Very nice table runner! Have a great ride!

    A HIM?? Awesome!!


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