Running at night

I'm not used to running at night. I like to wake up early and get my run over with in the a.m. But yesterday, I ended up doing a 3-miler in 28:24. Funny thing is--I felt really good even though my time wasn't so great. I felt relaxed and practiced the pose method a bit. I get a good rhythm going when I hear DM's It's No Good. So I listened to that song 3 times during the run.

I decided to postpone my 5 mile tempo run to tonight on the treadmill. I'll use the runnervals DVD I got for christmas (thanks mom & bro)! I need to get back on my bike and back in the pool too so maybe that will be on the agenda for friday. I'm pretty relaxed about this whole training thing--not to say I am uninterested. I just want to focus on my running for the time being and try to fit in whatever else I can.

I also need to be sure to hit the library for the final edits to my thesis! Hurray! I keep thinking, once that is off my back there is going to be a party in my backyard the likes of which nobody has ever seen! You are all invited!

Oh here's some more good news! I achieved a milestone with Nike Plus!


  1. Good luck with the final thesis edits! I'm so jealous. I still have so much writing ahead of me.

    I ran at night yesterday too. Only the second time I've ever done that. It was pretty nice actually.


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