Why do I suck a*s?

So I made my second attempt on the runnervals dvd. I got about 25-30 minutes into it before I had to quit. This time, the problem was not my family bugging--it was me. I sucked. I could not keep up with coach troy. Damn you coach troy!!! It was too difficult. I did the first set fine and went half way through the second set (+4mph & 3% incline). Holy Cr*p! I stepped off the treadmill and hung my head in defeat as Coach Troy continued, "You're doing great! Just another minute left to go before we reduce the incline. Keep goin!" Yeah. F-U Coach Troy. I tried my hardest but couldn't do it. So I was feeling really sucky last night and today. I want to run tonight to redeem myself, but I've got a dinner date instead. So maybe Friday a.m. I'll do my usual 3 miles. 8 mile long run on Saturday a.m. and then watchin' the rugrat do a kid's duathlon (2 mile bike, 1 mile run).

Speakin of Rugrat, after I got off the treadmill and started puttering around the kitchen in my run/bra top and shorts, RR said something, well, uhm, mean. She looked at me and said, "Oh my god you have a huge stomach! And it is hanging over your shorts --i'm going to call you 'muffin top'". So I'm already feeling kind of bad after failing in my workout goal and then SFBs tells me that my gut is hanging over my shorts.
I tried the excuse, "Well I took 3 courses of high dose prednisone last year."
She said, "But that was a long time ago."
I countered, "Oh, but I drink a lot of beer too, so the beer gut is a real thing. So don't drink." (I know hypocrite, but I was trying to be parental.)
She looked really skeptical and said, "uhm, yeah sure."

I just glared at her and said, "I remember when I was 13 and how much it sucked. How sucky do you want to make your life? Keep talking and you'll be surprised how sucky your life will get."

Blah. Muffin top.

In any case, I needed a laugh and Marci provided this morning. Thanks Marci!


  1. Ahhh don't sweat it! I totally have muffin top and NOT the kind you can get rid :-X (you know, extra skin and all that jazz HAHA)

  2. Coach Troy sucks, that is all there is to it.

    My lovely baby stretched my stomach skin so much that I now have tons of stretch marks and saggy skin. It looks like a butt if I sit just right. I think I would take a muffin top over a butt stomach!

  3. I have the hard body of a triathlete, but if you saw me at the pool, i would look like a flabby middle age woman. i'm proud of what my body can DO, tho, so i don't sweat it.

    And just keep up with the runervals, trying to get a little better each time. it is waaaayyyyyy too hard! I tried it this week souped up on predinisone and still cannot get thru the whole thing.

    In conculsion: u don't suck - you rock!!!!

  4. Yeah, don't sweat it. I remember being 13 and I was NOT nice to my mom. Looking back I still feel horrible for how I talked to her and all the mean things I said. But, we are the closest we've ever been now! She'll grow out of it!


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