Fun on the run!

This long weekend was full of FUN workouts. I made up for all of last week---Karen got her groove back.

Friday--SWIM. I hit the pool for a 750-800 yards. It was difficult. I had a hard time getting into the rhythm of swimming. I figured I can do 50 meters in about 1 minute. The fastest I did it was 54 seconds for 50 meters.

Saturday--RUN. 7 miles in 1 hour 16 minutes. I felt really great on the run. Really strong and the male eye candy (EC) kept me inspired the whole way.

Sunday--Scheduled bike, but really did nothing. I ate and slept.

Monday--BIKE and SWIM. I got on my bike--the first time since it was fixed a few weeks ago. I averaged 15.4 miles per hour. I biked about 19 miles and it took me 1 hour 14 minutes. I felt really strong up until the very end. Again, the plethora of EC on the bike trail helped keep me motivated. I swam in the evening. I tried Gale Bernhardt's Endurance 3 workout from Workouts in a Binder--2300-3000 yards. I did the 500 yard warm up and then two of the 4 mainsets of 200 yards (150 swim+50 kick). So that came out to 500+400=900 yards on about 20 minutes. I felt a lot better on this swim than the one on friday. I am determined to do that full workout soon.

Tuesday AM--RUN. Scheduled but workout partner bailed at 4:30 a.m. so I crawled back into bed for some additional ZZZsss.. Will hit the treadmill tonight for 5 mile tempo.

Incidentally--BIG LOVE finally began season 3 on HBO again. Finally. OOOhhh... so good. What an indulgence. Bill and family are shopping for wife #4.

Have a great week!


  1. I want eye candy on my runs too, dammit! :)

  2. You most definitely got your groove back! LOL

  3. Too bad not much EC when I work out. Lucky you!

  4. Nice workout week! I love that swim wokrouts book. In the off season, I just swim for x minutes (usually an hour). I hardly ever finish the workouts. When I'm training, I almost always finish them, tho!


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