New Year Excercising and Resolutions


I completed my first workout of the year. A 2 mile trail run followed by a 6 mile bike ride.

It was a COLD 40 degrees at 2pm so we bundled up and headed to folsom lake to workout. I took rugrat #2 (RR#2) with me (13 years old) since she has been wanting to do some duathlons.

We headed out on the dirt trails and ran about a mile out and then came back. It was great. I LOVE trail running. RR#2 had some trouble keeping up so I stayed with her and we walked for a bit. She finished nice and strong though. We changedinto bikeing helmets and shoes and then headed out for six mile bike ride. I forgot to pump up my roadbike tires so they were pretty flat actually and I had a hard time keeping up. But RR#2 kicked butt on her mountain bike.

Toward then end she wanted to switch onto the single track from the road so she did that. I watched as she sped down the dirt & mud course and full speed. She is going to be an awesome triathlete!

Resting today and tomorrow is the free duathlon to raise money for Jamie Whitmore. Hopefully I'll finish strong.

I am working on some new years'resolutions but it is so hard. I make the same ones every year.

1. Eat healthier.
2. Excercise more.
3. Be happier with my lot in life.
4. Relax.
5. Do something new every week.

Maybe modify them to read:

1. Eat more vegan food. More veggies, less meat.
2. Do 3 sprint tris, 1 olympic distance tri, 1 marathon, 2 half marathons this year.
3. Find one thing to be grateful for every day.
4. Do yoga and meditation twice every week.
5. Try a new recipe every week.


  1. Great that you made the resolutions more specific. I think that keeping them too vague makes them harder to achieve. Good luck with all of them!


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