New Year Duathlon

The weekend was great fun--I managed my first duathlon ever. 2 mile run--7 mile bike--2 mile run. I had a ball--this duathlon was to raise money for Jaime Whitmore --the professional triathlete who's been fighting cancer for a couple of years. Everyone was encouraged to donate, so I did.

It was freezing in the a.m. Actual temp was low 30s but the "feels like" temp was in low 20s. My high school XC coach was set up in the transition area right next to me so we chatted for a little while before the start.

My workout buddy and I managed to start the run together. I was wearing 4 layers on top and a hat and fleece lined running tights and gloves. First mile was hard. The air was soooo cold. I had the snotty nose that would not quit and by the time I hit the first transition I was a sweaty mess. So I was leaking from my pores and leaking from my nose. Great. 20 minutes to do 2 miles.

Bike. Sucked ass. Really. 7 miles took me 40 minutes.
I huffed.
I puffed.
I bleeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww my nose.
There were several crashes since the road was wet and sandy. I managed to remain upright so that's good. However I have lost a lot of fitness in the past few months. I now I know i've got to get back on it.

Run, part deux. Not bad, I shuffled along for the first couple of minutes and then settled into a nice rhythm. 2 miles took me about 17 minutes.

Total time was 1:17 for 4 mile run and 7 mile bike plus transitions.

PostRace shindig. Jamie Whitmore was there so I hung around to listen to her speak. She is an amazing person. She's had two different tumors removed from her spine and wasn't expected to walk again; and yet she was walking with the assistance of a cane. I wasn't more than 10 feet from her but was too shy to actually talk to her. I know i'm a dork. I should have said hi.

I tried this stuff for the first time after the race. For some reason I thought it would taste like a mocha or coffee. Instead it was like rancid strawberry koolaid. eww. never again. I spit it out. Never AGAIN!

After my dismal bike performance saturday, I decided to do another bike ride on sunday. My usual 12 mile loop usually takes 43-46 minutes. Sunday it took 56 minutes. Granted my bike gears were acting up; never the less, I am glad I got the spinervals party pack for XMAS so I can start working on my bike. I am taking the bike to the shop today for a tuneup and I am getting a pro bike fitting this week as well.

If all else fails, I can always purchase a new Specialized Ruby Expert... :)


  1. YAY!!! great job on the Du!! Nice way to kick in the New Year ;-)

  2. Wow...that is a cold duathlon...I say buy the bike. ;)

  3. Congrats on the du!! And I've never tried Red Bull and don't think I ever will. Sounds nasty!


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