Doing Swimmingly

Since my ankle catastrophe, I decided to focus more on my swimming--particularly, swimming endurance.

On Tuesday, both Rugrat #2 and I reached a milestone.
She has been in the open water swim class this summer. She learned to swim using the Total Immersion method. She learned to put her face in the water, push on her buoy, sharkfin, etc.

On Tuesday, she agreed to 'swim long', meaning instead of staying close to the shore and doing skills and drills, she would swim up the lake shore to a predestined marker and back. She chose to do the 1/2 mile swim.

I wanted to stay with her (motherly instinct and all) but the teacher told me to scram and that a kayaker would stay next to RR#2 the whole time so she didn't panic.

I took off and reached the 3/4 mile turnaround and then looked longingly at all those people who swam the extra mile lap around an island in order to get just over a mile in the water. Someone in my group stopped and said, "c'mon! Stay on my feet and i'll pull you around the island".. Well, i'm so slow, I couldn't stay on the feet--but I did make it around the island!!!! I swam back to the shore exhausted but proud that I made the 1900 yard swim in about 43 minutes. When I reached shore, RR#2 gave me a high five and told me about her jaunt to the 1/2 mile turnaround!
I was so happy for her. She said it was really difficult and she was scared but she persevered and made it! She is so excited to continue swimming in the lake until it is either 1. too dark after work or 2. the water gets icy cold.

Anyway, phew. I can swim a mile and she can swim 1/2 mile. Just maintain now until next year.


  1. Congrats!!

    Awesome that she is swimming too. I would love to have an open water swim partner. Looks like you've got one in the making!

  2. Sounds like a great swim for both you and RR#2!


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