Workout? What Workout?

I thought about listing all the things I did this weekend in chronological order, but really, that would be boring. So instead, I will list my injuries/aches and describe how they came about….So from the head down:

Skull—Achy because of high estrogen/low progesterone. I feel a migraine coming on this week. I also haven’t been eating breakfast at all and stuffing my face with crappy food instead of staying on my low salt diet.

Eye (right)—stye forming on the top lid. It fkn hurts. Probably from swimming in dirty lake water with leaky goggles.

Cheeks – Flushed and irritated from too much sun and not enough SPF.

Nose—Stuffy and runny. I better not be getting sick.

Lips (right corner) – Cracked. I have no idea why. Probably from the crappy food I’ve been eating.

Forearm (right) –In an attempt to ‘bond’ with the family, agreed to play badminton for a few hours in the sun. I haven’t really played since high school—20+ years ago. I also decided to show off by beating everyone in the family. Now I’m paying for it, because I can’t even pick up my coffee cup.

Kibbles & Bits – 20+mile bike ride early Saturday morning. First time on the bike since August 5. It hurts. A lot.

Ankle (right)—went to the CIM workout with Fleet feet early Sunday morning to try out the ankle, finally. They ran 7. I did 2. It felt good while running but now a little bruised.

Foot (left)—While getting ready for CIM workout (above), walked into the dark bathroom and rammed my left foot into the corner of the cabinet under the sink. Someone (RR#2, but I’m not pointing fingers) left the cabinet door open all night and my foot impaled itself on it. The foot is swollen, bruised and nasty looking.

TonightI will attempt to run another 2 miles and make a decent low salt low fat dinner. Cheers!


  1. Oh man, you are in really bad shape. So sorry about all those woes, esp jamming your foot in the dark bathroom!

    My lips get cracked when i eat too much crap too!

  2. I too have had cracked lips and countless foot jammings in the past. Hate them!

  3. Oy yoy yoy. All of that in one weekend? Geez


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