Early Run

Just a quick note. Today's early run was cold, wet, foggy and asthma-inducing.

That being said, I did the typical 3 miles in 31 minutes.
Going to do another 3 tomorrow.

I listened to:
Beyonce, Crazy in Love
Depeche Mode, No Good
Depeche Mode, No Good*
Something I can't remember cause I was wheezing.
Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation
Kanye West, Stronger
Katy Perry, I kissed a girl
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Good Vibrations

*This song played twice in a row. Weird.


  1. Nice job on the run. Sorry to hear about the wheezing.

  2. I love Marky Mark, takes me back... LOL I am so going to put that and Katy Perry on my ipod. Good run, I love your new layout. makes me want to travel! Sorry about the asthma, its coming into that time of year where the cold wet air just sears the lungs into those attacks doesnt it?. Ugh.

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