Injuries force you to do strange things

Since my stupid injury a few weeks ago this is the pose I've been in. Sitting and reading.

No running

No biking

Been an unwilling participant in that thing called Physical Therapy. I used to love my PT because I would see steady improvement in my prior condition. Not this time. This stupid tendon issue just won't quit. I'll have a few days of good stretching, good strengthening and little to no pain only to be hit out of the blue with horrible pain and lack of mobility.

So I sit. I read. I mope. I drink tea. All of my athletic magazines showed up a couple of weeks ago. Triathlete, Runner's World, Bicycling.

I am obviously so sad that I can only sit in my yard and read the magazine instead of implement the workouts contained within it. And although you can't see it, I am sitting on a pack of frozen peas that are stuffed down my pants. Yep, it is party-central over here in NorCal.

My current reads are War and Peace, World without End, and some smut I am too embarrassed to even list here.

Have my second PT and Dr. B, medicine woman appointment this week. I have a feeling the prognosis won't be good since I am feeling lousy once again today. I vowed on Saturday morning that if I get better from this stupid tendon, I will sign up to do an Iron Distance Triathlon for my 40th birthday. You heard it here first folks.

Fates be damned--i'm still in the bargaining phase psychologically I suppose. I've already picked out two potential races.

In the meantime, I guess I can work on my swimming. I bought a year Park Pass today and have my wetsuit ready to hit the water at the local lake tomorrow. I haven't swam in open water since my half-ironman and the horrifying seaweed incident.

That's it for now. I'm trying not to slit my wrists as I watch the days tick by with no running on my schedule. Grr..Maybe swimming will be a nice distraction. Current water temp is 53 degrees!


  1. Karen, I miss you on Wednesday nights! Get better soon!

  2. Thanks LP! I can't wait to start back with the track workouts !


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