Quick Update: The world according to Karen

Here's a quick update of things happening in and around ME

  • Just returned from a whirwind trip to DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, and Massachussetts.

  • It seems that everyone is having babies. Trailmomma, Steve "in a speedo", Rebecca Dewire... My announcement: I am NOT having a baby.

  • I am recovering from a horrible bout of pneumonia

  • I have San Francisco Marathon in 6 weeks and my longest run this year has been 13 miles--3 months ago.

  • I'm taking some hormones to help with hot flashes, chin hairs and other things. The hormones make me bloated and bitchy. My run times are a little slower too but i'm not sure if its the hormones, the recovering from pneumonia, the heat (92 degrees) or something else...

  • I read 3 Phillipa Gregory books while on vacation and as a result have rediscovered my love of reading.

  • I am considering a 50k trail run on August 21st.

  • RugRat #2 has gotten her permit and will be terrorizing the public streets in our neighborhood soon.

  • And remember:


  1. Hey, you're alive! Nice to hear from you. Hope you fully recover soon and kick some ass during training. Take care!

  2. Hot flashes blow... so do night sweats. I get the night sweats right as I am premenstrual now... so fun. Are chin hairs on the plan too? I already had a couple of those... really didn't want more :P lol Have you tried acupuncture? The chinese herbs always help me when I remember to take them! I'll be yelling at people in SF on the 31st... if I see you, I'll be sure to scream something super encouraging and awesomely motivating :)


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