• I have a cold. It sucks. I had chills and a runny nose and lots of sneezing yesterday. I skipped my track workout because I felt so lousy. I went home instead, donned sweat pants wrapped myself in a blanket and ate chili dogs in front of the TV and watched the Giants KICKED ASS!!!

  • I have another 18 mile run this weekend. I'm a little scared. Not for my hip, but because the weather prediction is once again, RAIN. Ick. Jackets make me too hot but I still need a rain repellant before I get really sick. Suggestions?

  • Thinking a lot about next year's races. I want to do 3 triathlons, 3 centuries, 3 half marathons, and maybe 2 marathons. That's a lot of racing. And a lot of MOOLAH ($).

  • Unfortunately, MOOLAH($) is more like moolah($) these days. I have champagne race tastes but a Coors light race budget. Especially since RR#2 is wanting a car soon. Eeks.

  • Phone call at work today from a District Superintendent who DOESN'T WANT ANY OF OUR DAMN MONEY. By the way, this is from one of the poorest districts in the state. But they don't want money from us crazy government folks on principle. Nice, I hope the kids there enjoy working at McDonald's since you are short-changing their educational opportunities based on political ideology.

  • I've been reading Athena Diaries and I'm intrigued about Javelina Jundred. Misty makes it sound so, AWESOME. Someday. No, not next year but maybe in a couple of years.

  • I started taking a yoga class. It is given at work for **free** by one of my co-workers who is getting her yoga teaching certificate. People keep looking at me while I'm doing the yoga, like they expect me to be really good at it or something. We did Crow Pose and afterward I heard, "Well she's indian--she should be able to do it easily." Nice. If I was that 'bendy' my husband would be a lot happier I think. :)

    That's it for now. Hopefully the 18-miler will be ok this weekend.


  1. SOrry to hear you are sick. no fun. HOpe you feel better soon!

  2. Hope the 18 went well! I am with you - I have SO many races I want to do!! I will need another job just to fund my racing. :)

    Yes, you will see me at CIM!


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