Long Road

Obviously, I've been AWOL for a few weeks now from Bloggy world. After my half ironman, I just couldn't write about exercise for awhile. But don't fear-- I have been running. A lot. Really. Almost 50 miles per week. Yeah, I almost fainted too.

So for the 4th time I have registered for a marathon--California International Marathon. I have yet to get to the start line. Last year, my MD discovered an issue with my hip that always seemed to cause pain right around mile 17 on my long run. Year after year, by the first week in November (if not earlier) I would start my 16 mile long run only to have it end in tears, clutching my hip and the side of my knee.

For the past year, as perscribed by my MD and physical therapist, I've been doing strengthening exercises for my hip, butt and core, to help stabilize things. I've been dilligent, I've been good about it but a little tentative. What if it didn't work? What if I really could NEVER do a marathon?

I've been building up my mileage for weeks. For the last two weeks I did a 16 mile long run. No pain in the hip. Good news.

Yesterday, in the rain and wind, I completed an 18 mile long run. Really. I did it! The bottom of my feet are achy. I have a huge callasus on my left foot, but my hip DOES NOT HURT!!!

Could this be the year? After such a long road, can I finally complete a marathon?

I am certainly going to try. Again.


  1. Congrats on a good long run. You can finish a marathon. Just hang in there.

  2. You can do it!! Yay for making it past 17 miles pain free!


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