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Here was last sunday's "easy" run... Good times!

Picked up the garmin soft-strap heart rate monitor and matched it to my garmin.
It says that I had a heart rate of 244 on sunday's run.

I mean, I knew I was good, but 244 means I have better cardio than Lance or Alberto or Floyd..

I e-mailed garmin to ask them about it, they said that sometimes if it is getting jostled around too much our touched too much by clothing (really? Heart rate monitors are supposed to be worn without clothing?) it can register each 'touch' as a heart rate.

In any case, I tried the heart rate again today on my tuesday 4-miler and it was fine. I set my maximum at 183 and it said my average was 147 --- 80%.

Garmin seems to be working fine now--I figured out how to set the darn thing so my heart rate and heart rate % show on the screen. Today, I kept looking down at it as I ran to see it. Now, I just have to figure out how to make it vibrate or beep when it goes over, say, 90%.

Only two more weeks until Blood, Sweat, and Beers. I am doing a practice run of the course next Sunday. Coach Tim Tweitmeyer told us on sunday, that the 10-mile course is a "killer". Coming from him--that scares me to death!!

Other than that, I am simply trying to stay consistent with my training over the fall/winter months. I would like to add in a little trail running and mountain biking too.

I wish I could quit my job and just workout all the time--That Would Be Awesome.


  1. I agree that it would be awesome to quit and just workout every day :) I guess we should start playing the lottery.

  2. You're already thinking about the fall/winter months? Truth be told, I plan to stay consistent as well. I want to just keep a good base, working on some speed here and there, and maybe begin to increase some longer runs before potential half marathon training starts in February. lol.


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