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Garmin is going back.

I couldn’t take it any more. It refused to work the last two days. It would not record time properly. It would not charge. It turned on and off by itself. It discharged it’s entire battery. It lost workouts. All these things happened a few weeks ago and then magically corrected themselves. They also magically returned on Saturday. I need stability in my life. I need structure. I need to know that my Garmin will charge when I hook it up to the charger.

I was ready to throw it against the wall or flush it down the toilet last night.
Instead I packed it back in its box and I’m taking it back to fleet feet where I bought it. Hopefully they can exchange it out. I do have an email from Garmin Tech Support that says, “Please return to place of purchase and exchange for another.” I am not sure what I should do. Should I get another Garmin? Should I switch to Polar or Sunnuto? Or maybe I should simply stick with the good ol’ Timex sports watch?

In any case I am trying to relax before I have a stroke.

In better news, my ankle feels a lot better. I’m gonna try the 5 miler workout tonight and see how it goes. And if all is well I will race on Sunday (“RACE” is a bit of an exaggeration. I hope to finish).


UPDATE: I exchanged the old Garmin at Fleet Feet. They were laughing at how it was angrily stuffed back into its box, "Frustrated, Karen??" I got my new one and started charging it at my desk. First think I noticed was that it clicked to charge IMMEDIATELY. I also noticed that it had none of the "wiggle" that my old Garmin had at the charge sites on back. So yes I obviously must have gotten a dud before.


  1. Too bad there isn't an option to get a new one while also inflicting anger-releasing aggression on the old one.

    Glad to hear the ankle is getting better. Take it easy.

  2. I love my Garmin. I'm sure you just got a bad, tempermental one. Hopefully the exchange goes well!

  3. I love my Garmin and haven't had any trouble. I only use to track the running so far! I think you may have gotten a dud. Better luck with the next one. Did you swim in yours? I know it is suppose to waterproof but maybe water caused the problem.

  4. I'm scouting out heart rate moniters so I appreciate hearing about your experience. Let us know what happens if you stick with Garmin or switch to another brand.

    I hope your ankle continues to feel better!


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