Doc says....

First of all—ankle is not broken. Only strained ligaments/tendons. That is good news. Doc says I can start running using “pain as my guide” .. Well then fill me up with some Vicodin so I can run soon. I had to bag my Sunday long run with the trail run group because I was in so much pain Saturday night/Sunday early morning.

Bad News: I have high blood pressure. My doc was really surprised. For years I’ve had the standard 108/60 or 110/65. No problem. I exercise. Well since May 2008 my BP has steadily crept upward. 125/78, 130/75, 138/80, 141/80. On Friday at the docs office it was 157/92!!!!

He was really shocked and said I need to radically change my diet. He told me to monitor my BP at home regularly and if it doesn’t improve in a couple of months, I’ll have to go on meds. Here’s the thing—He said, “you are not obese,(yeah!) you exercise a lot(yeah!) so it is either too much salt or it is hereditary” In this case, two positives, makes a negative.. I have to admit I am a total SALT WHORE! I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a salty MOLAR. Oh and EVERYONE in my family (both sides) has very high blood pressure. My dad and his brother died from complications of it, as did his sisters, & my grandparents. Oh my mom has high BP as does my baby brother. So I hit the crap lottery with the Blood Pressure Gene.

In any case, I have decided on a radical new diet. No animal products at all—and little to no salt. Oh and no alcohol other than ½ glass of red wine. This is going to suck big time but I have to give it ago before I blow a vessel in my brain.



  1. I hope your diet works, but sometimes you just can't fight genetics! It is good that you are aware of this issue so you can get your BP back down to where it belongs whether it is with diet or drugs.

    Glad your ankle isn't broken :)

  2. sorry to hear about your blood pressure. that totally sucks. my workouts make me crave salt...i wonder how you will manage that balance.

  3. I am not sure yet. I do crave a lot of salt when I run and I am a very salty exerciser. I always carry margarita shot blocks with me. I may have to switch to NuuN or Cola flavored shot blocks and see how I do. Or maybe I just don't eat a whole pack of margarita shot blocks for a 1 hour run. That might help. :)

  4. Glad to hear no broken ankle but, wow, the BP news is no fun. Be careful about running in the heat and going on a low sodium diet, esp. if you're a heavy sweater. Many runners who train in the heat are advised to eat a salty diet and/or take salt caps to make sure they don't get hyponatremic or get cramps.

  5. That is stinky news, but way to be a trooper and try a new diet! Good luck!

  6. I saw your posting from a link on Shirley's blog. Regarding the BP, try to relax a bit more. I have a tendency to have a higher BP than normal, and it is particularly high at the doctor's where I feel nervous about it. Longish swims should not do any harm. Try to find a good cardiologist as a friend. They are likely to be able to tell you what is OK and what isn't which will help put your mind at rest.


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